The Company

SparkyChick Limited provides electrical services for domestic dwellings, light commercial and light industrial premises to customers in the South Wales region.

Formed in 2016 by Christina Louise Warne, the company aims to provide a high quality service built around you, the customer. To that ends, I operate using the four core values laid out below.

  • Quality – If I wouldn’t want the end result in my home, then quite simply it’s not good enough for your home or business. There is nothing worse than paying a ‘professional’ and ending up thinking to yourself ‘I could have done better than that’ or worse, ending up with an unsafe installation. This commitment to quality extends to the simple things, like cleaning up as work progresses so your premises don’t end up looking like a construction site although there will obviously be times when this is unavoidable (like when I lift floorboards to pull in cables for example)
  • Reliability – If I say I’m going to be there at a particular time, I will be there at that time if not before and if I simply can’t get there (maybe I’m stuck in traffic on the M4), I will make sure you are contacted to let you know I’m running later with as much notice as I can. I don’t like waiting for visitors, so why should you?
  • Interest – I want you to be happy with the work I do for you. A key element of that is making sure you get what you really want. To achieve that, I am happy to discuss options with you if you are a little unsure about the choices you have. Please be aware though, electrical installations have some very well defined rules that must be adhered to which could make what you want simply impossible. Should this situation arise, I will do my best to find a compromise solution that satisfies your desires and the need to meet the requirements of the wiring regulations that govern all electrical installations
  • Explanation – Electrical installations are for many, a black art they simply don’t understand. Filled with jargon and the ever present danger associated with mains electricity, a lack of knowledge can lead to anxiety. If you want to know more about anything involved in your electrical installation (the work itself, the devices that go into the installation, the choices you have, any jargon you don’t understand), please ask the question. The only silly question is the one that doesn’t get asked. I will do my best to explain as I believe the more informed you are, the happier you will be with the end result

There is also the very obvious thing that set’s SparkyChick apart from a lot of other electrical contractors. It’s owned and operated by a woman. If you need electrical work undertaking and you’d feel more comfortable with a female tradesman doing the work, now you have a choice, SparkyChick is here for you!

electrical services with a woman's touch

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