I’m Not Happy With The Work You’ve Done For Me

If you are not happy with the work I have carried out for you, I would encourage you to raise your concerns with me. I cannot emphasise this point enough, if you are not happy then please let me know. Only if I know there is an issue can I begin to work to resolve it.

Given the nature of the work I undertake, it is possible that there may be minor things that are just not quite right (a newly installed accessory isn’t level for example) or something isn’t set up to your liking (maybe a timer on a floodlight isn’t staying on long enough). These are issues and should be raised by calling me or sending an email to issues at sparkychick dot uk.

If after raising any issues you are still not happy (with the quality or safety of the work, or my conduct during the work or in dealing with you), you can raise a complaint. You can do so by contacting me in writing (you can find my correspondence address on your installation paperwork) or by email (use the email address complaints at sparkychick dot uk).

Please include as much detail as you can as to why you are not happy. I would encourage you to include photographs or drawings if they can help explain what it is you are not happy about.

If there is clear evidence of a fault that jeopardises the safety of the work I have carried out, I will contact you immediately and endeavour to remedy it as soon as is practically possible.

For all other complaints I will contact you upon receipt of your complaint to acknowledge it’s receipt. I will then review your complaint at which point I will contact you again to discuss with you the findings of my review. If in my opinion, remedial work is required to address your complaint, I will draw up a plan to remedy the issues at a mutually convenient time.

I cannot reiterate this point enough… I want you to be happy with the work I do for you, so if you’re not happy, complain… please 🙂

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