How Do I Know You Are Actually From SparkyChick?

If you’d like to know whether the engineer that’s arrived at your property is really a member of the SparkyChick team, you can use their company ID badge and your work date confirmation letter. If you are still note sure, then please call us on 01633 681439.

Company ID Cards

Every employee of SparkyChick carries a SparkyChick identity card. This will provide their name, position within the company, a photograph and details of the telephone number you can ring to verify it is one of our engineers.

If they don’t have an ID card or the telephone number on the front isn’t 01633 681439, then do not let them in to your premises and call us on the number above.

If they are already in your home, if it is safe to do so, call the Police immediately as they do not work for SparkyChick.

Your Work Date Confirmation

When you place an order with us for work to be carried out, unless the job is small, it will be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient. We confirm these times in writing. Keep this confirmation handy as it will include details of the engineer that will be carrying out your work. This can be used as a means of verification. In some exceptional circumstances however (employee illness for example), we may have to change which engineer carries out the work. In this instance, if you wish to verify the identity of the engineer, please contact us on the number above.

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